Friday, April 25, 2008

My Life in Six Words

If you had to sum up your life in six words – big or small – what would they be? Cathy over at Chief Family Officer challenged me to the following meme: Chief Family Officer: My Life in Six Words. Since she already wrote what could be my six words, I had to stretch to think of those that would fully describe my life today - in the present "now".

Ask. Believe. Receive - Love, Laugh, LIVE!

While I am not a true follower of the ever popular Secret I do believe in the law of attraction. You know the story - you are thinking of your long lost friend from childhood with fond memories and a few minutes later the phone rings and it's her! You stop obsessing over the job you really wanted and an offer letter comes in the mail that afternoon. I have used this theory to really focus on how the energy - positive or negative - that I put out into the universe brings back to me those things that are either positive or negative. While I can not really control things, I *can* focus on being clear on what I want (ask), I can turn it over to some higher power (believe) and it will work out the way it is supposed to (receive). Never an easy task, but this motto definitely sums up how I try to live now.

The rest of my words: Love - you can never have too much! Laugh - there is nothing in the world like a howling, deep belly laugh that brings tears to your eyes and Live - sometimes you just have to live it up!

Post a comment and let's hear your six words!

I am tagging V, Jen, Fran, Dawn, and Andie - what are your 6 words?


amers said...

thank goodness i don't have a blog! LOL but i will think about 6 anyway! thanks for the thought and i definitely agree with your 6.

Angela said...

I only just realized you tagged me--how did I miss that? I love your've had it a week and it already reflects you so well.

Chief Family Officer said...

Hi Catherine! I was going through old email and found your comment with a link to your memoir - I'm glad I did. I love it! I completely agree with you, there is definitely something to the law of attraction - I hope you get what you've been wanting :)